An extremely gifted 13-year-old International South African pop-star Giselle Niemand has blessed us with her first-ever original international single titled LOVERS DO recorded and produced by a multi-platinum executive producer Mr Manny Mijares at Upscale Records in Los Angeles.

Lovers Do holds a deep meaning and evokes heartfelt emotions in it’s listeners. The song explores the complexities and vulnerabilities of love, capturing the essence of profound human connections. With thoughtful lyrics and a captivating melody, Lovers Do delves into a depths of love, offering glimpse into the intricacies and nuances that define our relationships.

The essence of Lovers Do lies in it’s ability to convey the emotions that arise in a romantic relationship, it delves into the raw feelings of love, encapsulating the joy, longing, and even pain experienced by individuals entwined in a deep connection. The lyrics speak of vulnerability, the fear of losing oneself, and the courage required to persist in love, even when faced with uncertainties.

Giselle Niemand drew her inspiration for Lovers Do from her own personal experiences in love and relationships. The song reflects her journey through highs and lows of finding love, losing love, and everything in between. She collaborated with a team of talented songwriters such as Lance Eric Shipp, Manny Mijares, Nathalia Marshall, Rachel Kennedy and Jak Shiloh. By drawing upon the expertise of others, she was able to bring her vision to life through poignant and relatable world.

Lovers Do lyrics are subjective and can vary from listener to listener. However, the overarching theme in Lovers Do revolves around the complexities of romantic relationships, including emotions of love, heartbreak, and vulnerability. The lyrics convey the universal experiences and emotions often tied to intimate connections.

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